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Please come and join us for our services and events as we celebrate Easter.

11th April Thursday

3.00 p.m - ‘ALIVE!’ Easter fun at St. Barnabas. Click Here to see the social pages for more information

14th April Sunday

9.15 a.m - Palm Sunday Communion at St. Barnabas

11.00 a.m - Morning Prayer at St. John’s

15th April Monday

7.00 p.m - ‘Stations of the Cross’ at St. Barnabas

Come and join us, as in heart and prayer we follow in the footsteps of countless pilgrims to the Holy Land who have retraced the path that our Lord passed on his way to Calvary.

16th April Tuesday

9.15 a.m - Holy Communion at St. Barnabas

19th April Good Friday

10.00 a.m - Messy Easter at St. Saviour’s

10.30 a.m - Good Friday Service at St. Barnabas, followed by hot cross buns!

2.00 p.m - An Hour by the Cross at St. John’s

7.00 p.m - An Evening of Quiet Reflection at St. Saviour’s


21st April Easter Sunday

9.15 a.m - Family Communion at St. Barnabas

11.00 a.m - Family Service at St. John’s

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