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Our Vision


We seek to worship and love God  with our whole being  sharing His love with our neighbour


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  • Renew our Benefice-wide 'Prayer Night'

  • Offer opportunities to pray in churches through the week

  • Enable individuals and groups to pray regularly



  • Recognise and encourage a variety of styles within the Benefice

  • Create patterns relevent to local churches and congregations

  • Offer worship where people expect to meet with God



  • Develop a stratagy for outreach to children and young people

  • Encourage the development in faith of adults

  • Support outreach to particular communities, especially Townsend

  • Enlarge our vision to include making disiples 'of all nations'



  • Ensure a pattern of biblical teaching within the churches

  • Develop discipleship of individuals through homegroups



  • Recognise and develop the use of gifts within the church

  • Develop opportunities for practical service in the wider community

  • Support and encourage 'giftings' though training


Pastoral Care

  • Encourage fellowship within and between our churches

  • Ensure a stratagy for support and care of church members

  • Develop opportunities presented though 'occasional offices'



  • Teach and practice Christian principles of generosity in giving

  • Use our buildings and physical resources towards achieving our vision

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  Acts 2 v42-47       Matthew 22 v37         Matthew 22 v39 & 28 v18-20

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