A Letter from the Vicar

Dear Friends,

New Year, New Beginning

For many of us at present we are feeling that life seems not to be leading anywhere.  Everything seems provisional and dependent on outside factors.  Just as people were getting used to 'living with Covid' along comes a new 'variant of interest' and we are asking "How will the rules change?", "How will my plans and arrangements be affected?" or "Will my loved ones be safe?" People are even talking about being 'Covid-fearful,' and many of the indicators of well-being are taking a nose-dive. 

Our hospitals are full to bursting, not with Covid cases but with the people who missed treatments over the past 18 months and the waiting list for treatments has grown to record proportions. 

As we move into a New Year will it more of the same or can we enjoy a new beginning?


New Year, New Hope

I enjoyed a birthday just before Christmas and one of my friends asked, "Did you do anything special?"  Well, it was my day off and I was able to spend the day without specific commitments or meeting of deadlines.  However, the weather was very changeable with regular showers throughout the day, so we couldn't go out anywhere or plan a trip out. 

Yet it was the changeable weather that enabled me to experience a very special occurrence.  Throughout the day I witnessed not one or two but three rainbows for which I felt 'triple-blessed'. 

This led me to understand that sometimes it is not what our circumstances are that affect our appreciation of life but how we react to those circumstances. 

It is my hope that in 2022 we all feel 'triple-blessed' as we trust in our loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Maybe we can join the hymn writer in praying "strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, blessings all mine and 10,000 beside."

Happy New Year!


God bless,