A Letter from the Vicar

Dear Friends,

Thanks be to God …


This year Mel and I are giving an early Christmas gift to some of our wider family members in the form of an Advent calendar. The specific Advent calendar that we are sending is ‘The Real Advent Calendar’ that includes Fair Trade chocolate, windows that are scenes from the Nativity and a storybook telling the Christmas Story. As I was buying these in our local supermarket, the cashier on the till picked one up, and said, “Isn’t that lovely. The real meaning of Christmas and they get to hear the story as well.”


This got me thinking about the number of households in our country who will not get to hear the real meaning of Christmas this year, or ever in some cases! Bishop Debbie, our new Bishop of Southampton, shared with us at a recent Deanery Synod that “Many families are three to four generations away from attending a local Church.” She encouraged us to be innovative and inspired about how we reach those who are not part of our fellowship.


We need to be looking out for opportunities this Christmas to not only enjoy the company of friends and family, but also to welcome the stranger, invite the outsider and show to others that God gave us the best gift of all at that first Christmas.


“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”



2 Corinthians 9 v 15



Why not welcome your neighbours to a special Christmas event, or take a copy of our special Christmas Magazine ‘Hope at Christmas’ to pass to a friend, or give a gift to a family member that relates to the real message of Christmas.




Have a great Christmas and a hope-filled New Year.


God bless,