faithbook     A message for quiet meditation

by JAN FARROW, Lay Reader at Holy Epiphany



September already, back to school, back to work, back to normality!! H’mm not quite, things are still far from normal, including church. So which are we, a pessimist, an optimist, or a psalmist? This certainly made me think, I know which one I want to be but it’s not quite so straightforward, at least, I don’t find it so. ‘My cup runneth over’, my bible puts it like this, ‘my cup overflows with blessings’, and indeed it does, but like many of us, I do like a bit of ‘normal’. I didn’t really realise that until, things like masks ( which I keep forgetting), social distancing (I can no longer go around hugging people, even those I know quite well), etc. came into being. As for a trip to the dentist from which I have just come back, that was something else.


At the very centre of the bible is the book of psalms. A wonderful collection of songs and prayers expressing, well, expressing just about every emotion you can come up with. There are no clever clichés in this book, but instead you will find good old fashioned cries from the heart. David and other writers pour out amongst other things their hopes and dreams. Also, I venture to suggest we can hear quite clearly, the pessimist, the optimist and finally the psalmist within these wonderful songs, poems and prayers.

The psalmist goes from the depths of despair to the height of celebration, and that’s a little how I feel at the moment. The writers confess their sins, express their doubts and fears, ask God for help in times of trouble and finally Praise and worship him. Herein is something for me to grab hold of and run with.

1 I’m sorry for the times I don’t get it right.

2 I feel confused, I don’t know which way to go, what on earth do you think you are doing God allowing all this to happen etc.

3 Please God, come into my confusion, my doubts and fears, fill my mind with your thoughts, show me your way, give me your peace .

4 You are God and Lord over all, you are the Lord of my life.

Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God, In every part with praise,
That my whole being may proclaim Thy being and Thy ways.


Not for the lip of praise alone, Nor e’en the praising heart,
I ask, but for a life made up Of praise in every part:


Praise in the common things of life, Its goings out and in;
Praise in each duty and each deed, However small and mean.


Fill every part of me with praise; Let all my being speak
Of Thee and of Thy love, O Lord, Poor though I be and weak.


So shall no part of day or night, From sacredness be free,
But all my life, in every step, Be fellowship with Thee.