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Watch out and get excited for a new adventure


Where are you on your life’s journey? Are you facing a cross-road? Have you settled down in a boat floating around without destination? Are you searching for direction? Would you like to see the real map of life laid out for you? Do you want to explore more about the Christian faith?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, than take the risk to experience an Alpha course.

Alpha is run all around the globe, and creates opportunities for conversation, with each session focusing on a different fundamental question about faith. Each week we enjoy a yummy meal together, watch a short video about a big question of faith and then speak about it in small groups.

It's the place where you find the space and freedom to ask questions about the things you didn’t understand or agree with.

It’s the opportunity to meet new people, to learn more and to work out what you really think.

Alpha gives you the chance to go on a journey that so many people went on already with the perspective of a happier life.


Your journey starts this January 2019, here at Holdenhurst Parish.

More information will follow closer to the start of the course.

Watch the space and start packing for your adventure!

Find out more about Alpha here....

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