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BCP Household Support FUND 3

The Household Support Fund (HSF) is funded by the government and administered by BCP Council. The fund is designed to support residents in BCP with the cost of living situations around keeping warm, reducing energy bills and accessing food across the winter, and provide short-term financial support to vulnerable households who are struggling to afford household essentials this winter. If you know of anyone who might welcome such help please pass this information on to them.

Citizens Advice BCP are managing HSF applications for BCP Council residents.

Briefly: The criteria has changed from the last round of HSF- people applying do not have to prove means tested benefits. Age is also not a required criteria. The application is based on disposable income in the household. The application form has a built-in income and expenditure form that needs to be completed. Clients will need to provide proof of ID and address but uploading it online is not compulsory, they will be able to e-mail it in if uploading is not possible.

There is an option to make a choice in the application about the vouchers - supermarket or energy voucher or a mixture of both, and the values are stated in the application. Option 1- £200 supermarket grocery voucher

Option 2- £100 supermarket voucher and two vouchers of £49 each for energy top up 

Option 3- four vouchers of £49 each for energy top up. 

The new application form can be found on BCP Citizens Advice website and applications  opened from 1st of November: Household Support Fund - Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole (

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